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Health Problems among Teens and Young Adults

The course textbook An Introduction to Community Health  refers to teens and their risky behaviors. The number of single parent  households with children under the age of eighteen continues to rise.  Unemployment is higher for teens and young adults, especially for  minority populations. Health behavior and lifestyle choices are tested  during this timeframe, with tobacco use, underage drinking, abuse of  prescription illegal drugs, and risky sexual behavior. Teen violence and  suicide are also a cause of concern to families and the community.

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Based on your understanding of the topic, create a report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following questions:

  • How do social and  environmental factors affect teens and young adults making healthy or  unhealthy decisions? How influential is the family environment?
  • What motivates teens to form groups and how do negative behaviors increase when teens are involved in small or large gangs?
  • What specific issues does the U.S. minority population face in terms of health issues, lack of healthcare, and risky behaviors?
  • What specific type of  community program would you develop if you were in charge of improving  options for teens and young adults? What community members would you  seek to speak with about your program proposal and how important is it  to include influential community members who can help support  legislation, space, or financial services to help a community program  succeed?
  • How will education reduce risk taking behaviors?  What type of follow up and evaluation will you do to ensure a successful  program?
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