Unit 3 – joining a conversation about aging don’t raise your voice,


Unit 3 – Joining a Conversation About Aging

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.

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–Desmond Tutu

The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.

–Joseph Joubert

Think of academic argument as a conversation of ideas. Scholars and students keep turning over problems or issues, examining them carefully, and adjusting theories and stances as ideas and perspectives change with the times. Now that you’ve analyzed how arguments can affect audiences, it’s time to thoughtfully add your voice to a conversation about aging. During this unit, we’ll look at the components of effective position arguments and how you can incorporate them into your writing. 


1. For this assignment, you’ll read several articles about aging posted on D2L. Choose one of these articles to carefully examine and respond to.  

After choosing one article, begin by considering the following questions:

· Do you have any qualms (doubts/uncertainty) about the author’s argument?

· What passages seem particularly noteworthy and worth more discussion?

· What questions come to mind after considering the author’s points?

· What do you have to say about the issue(s) that the author raises?

· How do your experiences reinforce or differ from the author’s and why is that worth discussing?

2. Next, you’ll research the topic, finding one reliable, scholarly source to add to your paper. This source should enhance your argument in some way. (We’ll discuss the possible ways in class.) 

3. Finally, as you compose your paper think about your own experiences and how that affects the way you already feel about the subject discussed in the essay you’ve chosen and in the source you’ve found through research. How has reading that essay and reading your other source (your research) affected your views?? Bring that into your discussion! 

You will turn in:

· A 1200-1400-word paper that incorporates 2 sources (the article you choose from the ones I provide on D2L and the scholarly source you find through research) and adheres to MLA style formatting

· A Works Cited page (the last page of that same document, also MLA style)

· A reflection (done in class)

· Peer review sheets from your group conference

Important dates:

Tuesday, Oct 24 – Research Instruction Day (bring a laptop if possible!)

Tues, Nov 7 & Thurs, Nov 9 – Group Conferences – No Class (groups meet at scheduled times in our classroom)

Tues, Nov 14 – Peer Review sheets due in class & Paper due on D2L by 11:59pm

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