Human service paper or power point


 The final project is a creation of a organizational change project proposal in the form of written report,  OR power point using speaker notes . you will model the role of a program manger at a small non profit human service will demonstrate your ability how to craft a proposal that will influence the organization programattc   services and cultures, workforce structure and funding while maintaining legal and ethical standards for human services professionals. 


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If written it must be 5 to 7 pages double spaced one inch margins and 12 pt times new roman    font 


If power point slides must be 10-15 slides with at least 2 paragraphs of speaker notes per slide.



Introduction: Current State of the Agency– 

details include how the agency’s culture impacts human services programs.  Describes the agency in terms of current workforce structure, budget, and funding and their impact on its culture. 


Introduction: Impact Justifies the Proposal–

details include the potential impact on programs offered by the agency. Justifies the proposal using previous description of workforce structure, budget, and funding’s impact on the agency’s culture. 


Introduction: Agency Mission–

includes how the current state might impact the mission if concerns are not addressed.  Describes how the agency’s mission was considered when creating the proposal, including the relationship between the mission and the community. 


 Introduction: Trends in Human Service Delivery–

details include the effect on the community.  Describes how current trends in human service delivery influenced the creation of the proposal, including the costs and quality of services. 


 Introduction: State of the Agency–

details include historical and current trends in human services delivery.  Identifies how the proposal will alter the state of the agency, including impacts to present and future program service delivery. 


 Workforce Structure: Structure and Culture–

 details include relationships between the agency’s workforce culture and its ability to provide comprehensive service delivery. Explains how the agency’s workforce structure and culture were considered when creating the proposal. 


Workforce Structure: Personnel and Retention—

includes how the retention of personnel might alter the state of the agency and the quality of service delivery.  Recommends changes to personnel that address retention and program delivery and how to help personnel become more valuable to the agency and community. 


Workforce Structure: Personnel and Recruitment–

includes how the recruitment of personnel might alter the state of the agency and the quality of service delivery.Recommends changes to personnel, addressing recruitment and program delivery, including ideas for hiring new personnel. 


 Workforce Structure: Current Trends–

details address how current models might positively impact the agency’s culture. 


Budget and Funding: Delivery of Services–

 cites relevant ethical standards in human services to support claims.

 Explains the need for maintaining a budget based on ethical standards in human services using examples of decisions that will improve service to the community. 


Budget and Funding: Quality of Services–

 cites relevant ethical standards in human services to support claims.  Describes how decisions regarding personnel changes and the agency’s budget influence the quality of program services. 


Budget and Funding: Grant Funding—

 cites appropriate laws and regulations in relation to grant compliance.  Analyzes the relationships between grant funding and the delivery of services, including how grant funding helps address gaps in agency budgets. 


Budget and Funding: Future Funding Sources—

includes historical and current trends in human services programming, workforce structure, and funding. Describes how the proposal may impact future funding sources. 


 Conclusion: Future Program Service Delivery–

details include relevant ethical standards in human services to support claims.  Summarizes how the proposal may positively impact future program delivery and its connection with the culture and future programming of the agency. 


 Conclusion: Trends and Benefits to the Community–

 details include real-world examples. Summarizes how the proposal aligns with current trends in human service delivery and the benefits to community.


























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