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Identify two selected EHR software solutions and describe three features of each software solution.

     The use of electronic health records (EHR) has been in utilization in the United States starting in 1972 through the works of the Regenstreif Institute; however, it was not until 2009 through the Obama administration with the passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that incentives were created for those who used electronic health records (Honavar, 2020, p. 17). The use of the EHR has been identified as a means to help bridge the gap for quality healthcare by allowing the patient easier accessibility to healthcare services and decreasing errors by improving the accuracy of transmitted information (Honavar, 2020). RXNT and NextGen are electronic health record software programs utilized in healthcare organizations with the surge of telemedicine due to the recent pandemic. RXNT pioneered e-prescribing in 1999 and has grown to the capacity of sending approximately 52 million prescriptions (RXNT, 2021). Secondly, RXNT has a full suite option to encompass e-prescriptions, electronic medical records, billing, a patient portal with practice management capabilities (RXNT, 2021). Finally, RXNT can be utilized in a multitude of clinical specialties based on the software system selection (RXNT, 2021). NextGen, a company of over 47 years, is geared to assist in ambulatory care service providers and their specified populations (NextGen Healthcare, 2022). Three important software features include; revenue cycle management, electronic data interchange, and analytics for network management, care management, and revenue (NextGen Healthcare, 2022). Utilizing electronic health records helps with improving the protected safety of the clients served (Aguirre et al., 2019). In addition, as part of the requirements for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), those who do not comply with the transition to electronic health records may have an imposed fine (Aguirre et al., 2019). The key to determining which electronic health record software is best lies within the organization’s goal, ensuring the most cost-effective software for better patient outcomes.

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 Compare and contrast the benefits of the two selected EHR software solutions.

           RXNT and NextGen offer the cloud-based protective approach, which means that the software can be accessed from apple and android devices for easier usage for both the clinician and patient while protecting HPI. RXNT allows staff members to preset options for prescription refills, and the supervising provider can then release and sign medications in a convenient manner. NextGen offers e-prescribing; however, for scheduled 3-5, the medicines are faxed with the provider’s signature; RXNT will have a demo copy of the prescription with an electronic signature. RXNT and NextGen take the administration components from the provider’s plate so that the overall goal of patient-centered and focused care is present, meaning the provider can see the patient and spend time developing treatment plans instead of clerical and administration work. In addition, NextGen can be programmed for smaller practice settings and provide analytics for quality improvement. In contrast, RXNT can be used as well across any practice size with no partiality but not as quality improved with data and trend captures. In a 2021 survey comparison of RXNT to NextGen, RXNT ranked as 4.46 vs. 4.0 with details in the monetary value of the software system. Both are deemed easy to navigate with prompt response time for IT support with the purchase of each program.

Select an EHR software solution that is best suited for your workplace environment and provide the rationale for your selection.

           In my current workplace environment, RXNT would be the better option due to the e-prescribing protocols that give direct access to the state’s PMP database. As a mental health practitioner, it is not uncommon to have patients who have high stimulant and benzodiazepine usage; being able to check while seeing the patient is of great benefit to the clinician. Secondly, RXNT can be used in small practices, outpatient, and hospital organizations. For example, my current employer operates as an outpatient branch and multispecialty clinic of one of the largest mental health institutions in the country. Third, the practice management component of scheduling and billing software and protocols in the solution hard drive makes for more straightforward billing, and charge captures even if there is no designated billing department. Fortunately, there is one in my current company. Lastly, the mobile application and telehealth component makes it possible to take the job on the go and not compromise the quality of care for the patient.

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