The editor of the local newspaper is pleased with your weekly columns. For this week’s column, you want to investigate the leading types of unintentional and intentional injuries that affect youth ages 1–24. This should be an educational article, not an opinion piece. Therefore, in preparation for your essay, you will have to get data about deaths from injuries.
Go to the CDC Injury Prevention & Control: Data & Statistics (WISQARS) leading causes of death site at
Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Advanced Options, make the following changes:
Age Group Formatting select the second option, 1–24 in 5-year groups; 25-65+ in 10-year groups
Categories of Causes select All Injuries
Click on Submit Request.
After viewing the report, please write a 2- to 3-page essay that addresses the following:
Describe your reaction to seeing the types of injuries that are the leading causes of death among youth.
State your position about which you think is a greater threat to young people in our society: intentional injuries or unintentional injuries. Please explain your answer and support your response with evidence from the background readings and other research.

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