lean management

lean management
This paper is designed to enable you to conduct a review of the academic literature into Lean Management and to apply it in an Operational setting, in an organisation of your choice.You might already be working for, or have worked for, the organisation you choose. The most important is you know something about their operations in detail.Within a report format answer the following questions:Describe the organisation in the following format:-The main products and services they provide.Who are their main customers?
What are the order qualifiers for the company?What are the order winners for the company? From the organization chosen, identify a problem that currently exists.Describe the evidence that supports your claim that the problem exists. Explain how the problem is potentially harming the companyPrepare a review of the literature on Lean Management. Describe the concepts, applications and frameworks available in general business, and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen.

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