The building

The building
The building consists of 10 units that could rent for $550 per
Given the following owners income and expense estimates for an apartment property, formulate a reconstructed operating statement. The building consists of 10 units that could rent for $550 per month each.
Rental income (last year) – $60,000
Power – $2,200
Heat – $1,700
Janitor – $4,600
Water – $3,700
Maintenance – $4,800
Cap. Expenditures – $2,800
Management – $3,000
Depreciation (tax) – $5,000
Mortgage Payments – $6,300
Estimating vacancy and collection losses at 5% of potential gross income, reconstruct the operating statement to obtain an estimate of NOI. Assume an above line treatment of CAPX. Remember, there may be items in the owner’s statement that should not be included in the reconstructed operating statement. Using the NOI and R0 of 11%, calculate the property’s indicated market value. Round your final answer to the nearest $1,000.

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