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Each student, in consultation with the instructor, will choose a musical genre or topic and prepare a class presentation accompanied by a written background paper. If you choose a genre, be specific. Don’t choose a broad genre like rock and roll. Narrow the genre to a very specific area of rock and roll like West Coast Grunge Rock of the 1990’s or Women in Rock. Click here for some genre examples.


How does the repertoire you’ve chosen relate to issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, or other definers of identity? Bear in mind that while lyrics and performance are important, you must address musical issues as well.

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Even though individuals could learn a lot from rap., listening to rap music helps you see life through someones else eyes because rap music is sometimes mistaken as negative. and there are positive rappers in the world.

In my research paper i will give the pros and cons of rap music. I will also cover the misconceptions of rap. Also showing that not all rap is negative and go over some rappers that can be taken into consideration as positive.




This is a strong topic! I have a revision for your thesis… what about this:

Listening to rap music can help change perception of the genre because though rap music is sometimes perceived as negative, there are positive rap artists seeking to cause positive change.

I would also like you to replace your second source (rateyourmusic) with something more substantial.

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