Narrative revision | English homework help

The purpose is to allow you to practice the most important step of the writing process: the revision process.  


Revise and resubmit the narrative draft from last week (attached in the uploads) “Every slip is not fall”. Keep in mind the difference between revision and proofreading, and note this is a revision task. When revising, keep in mind the purpose, audience, and rhetorical expectations of this particular mode. In this case, the rhetorical mode is a narrative, so the key narrative elements—purpose, action, conflict, point of view, key events, and dialogue—need to be considered. Here is a great, brief resource (Links to an external site.) from the Purdue Online Writing Lab that breaks the revision process down into manageable steps. 

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Your revised draft should be at least 1,000 words. Also, after revising your draft, write a paragraph explaining the revisions you made to your draft from last week(attached in the uploads) Every slip is not fall; mention both global and local revisions. (This paragraph does not count toward your word count. Your work needs to be at least 1,000 words!) Add this to the end of the draft(attached in the uploads)and label it “Revision Explanation.”  Your work should be in standard APA format. No outside research should be used for this work. It should be completely in your own words only.

Review the Revision Assignment Rubric for details on how this work will be assessed by your instructor.

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