News evaluation

For the next class, you are to listen to at least one hour of national and international news. The news must come from either:

• NPR Morning Edition (

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• NPR All Things Considered (

• NPR Weekend Edition (…)

• On the Media ( [Note – avowed bias]

Your completed assignment must include the following information:

• Program(s) listened to/watched

• Title, date and, and time of each program

• A summary of a story that you found interesting and why. Include background/expertise of those interviewed, and their positions on the topic.


1. What program aired this story?

2. What time and date was it aired on?

3. Briefly summarize the story, and why it caught your interest.

4. What type of audience is the target of this story?

5. What is the background, expertise, or relevance of the interviewee?

6. Finally, search for other writings or recordings by this interviewee on the same topic.

a. When was this other work created?

b. What type of audience is it focused on?

c. How does it differ from the previous interview?

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