Technological Capability

Technological Capability.

Review the state-of-the-art materials on Technological Capability in the course materials.   Make a field visit to Tesla outlet to understand how it is developing its business value ecosystem sequentially, one unit step at a time.  Then answer the following questions in 150 words each, plus 75 words comment.

a) Growing Technological Trading Sequentially.  Analyze how Tesla traded rapid technological inputs (method, money, machine) from mentors, investors, and partners at market taking values, in order to develop market making technological capability. 

b) Growing Technological Exchange Sequentially.  Analyze how organizational stakeholders (vendors, workforce, customers) have exchanged their material power, manpower, and marketing power at market taking values, thereby helping Tesla develop market making technological capability.

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c) Growing Technological Servicing Sequentially.  Analyze how the entire business ecosystem (motivated leaders, mass of entrepreneurs, and founder steward) has become a market taker of Tesla’s values, enabling Tesla to become the grandfather of market making technological capability, without the cost of market seeking.

Review the state-of-the-art materials on the organizational value assessment in the course materials.   Visit your local mall store of Ulta Beauty to understand the diversity of its value ecosystem.   Then answer the following questions in 150 words each, plus 75 words comment.

a) Competitive value assessment.   Analyze how diversified is Ulta’s knowledge base and resource base.   What tactics Ulta has used for diversifying its knowledge and resource base for ascending its competitive value over time?.    

b) Supplementary value assessment.  Analyze how diversified is Ulta’s global value chain?  What tactics Ulta has used for diversifying its global value chain for ascending its supplementary value over time?       

c) Complementary value assessment.  Analyze how diversified is Ulta’s core competence?  What alternative stakeholder groups may become an entropy factor for Ulta Beauty?  What upgrading strategies may help Ulta Beauty to serve both presently included as well as excluded alternative stakeholder groups for ascending complementary value?  

Include your citations in APA format.   In addition, critically comment on the analysis of a peer student in about 75 words.

FAQ: How to give critical comment?

1. POINT to some examples of good analysis you liked in the author’s post.

2. POINT to what you think is the central insight or theme of the author’s post?

3. What MORE do you think is needed? Where? (any additional resources you recommend) 4. What LESS is needed? (anything that detracts from following and seeing the core of the post)

Technological Capability

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