Respond d1 | English homework help

Review your classmates’ responses. Respond to at least two of your classmates. In each response

  • Address your classmate’s description of revising and editing.
  • Agree or disagree with your classmate’s description of each.
  • Offer examples of an editing or revising task to support your agreement/disagreement.
  • You may also respond to your classmate’s questions.

Make sure you support your comments with insights from your own reading. Response posts must be 125 to 200 words in length and posted by Day 7. If you have questions about how to participate in discussions, consult “About Discussions” under the Course Home menu. You are not required to support your claims with additional scholarly sources; however, should you decide to use additional sources, make sure you properly cite any references. Refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Citation and Reference Guide for guidelines on citing sources in APA style.


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he difference between revising and editing

You should proofread your paper to edit mistakes such as spelling errors, punctuation mistakes and common word mix ups. The editing process targets grammar problems, whereas the revision process should focus on readability, logic, and clarity. When you revise a paper, the first step is to read the paper to see if it flows from one topic to another in a sensible manner. You examine the paper to determine if the organization is logical, if the paper fits the actual assignment, or if you veered off-topic at any point. During the revision process, you will find yourself rewriting paragraphs to make them sound better and to make sure they support the claims you made in the thesis statement.


Example of Revising


When revising the first draft, the writer should make sure that the content follows the thesis statement. Each paragraph of the body should support that pivotal sentence. The writer should ask if the content is in a logical sequence. Is the paper well-organized, making it an easy read?


Example of Editing


When editing, the writer must carefully read each word. Word choice is a crucial factor. If needed, the author should use a thesaurus to find just the correct word. Do not use the same words over and over. Mix up sentence styles to give the paper variety.

How much time you believe a writer should spend on each task and why


When I’m writing I think that a writer should spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour on each task because writing is very time-consuming. However, when I think that the task will become easier when I become conscious of what strategies works best for me.




peer two



Revising is rewriting your essay or paper to see if it flows from beginning to end in a sensible matter. You have to examine if the organization of the paper or essay is logical. During the revision process, you will have to rewrite paragraphs so they support the claims you made in your thesis statement.

 Editing is proof reading and making changes to grammar mistakes and other minor word problems. During the editing process, you will reread and fix punctuation and fixing wording to be correct. Your overall essay stays the same, it doesn’t require you to fix the content just the grammatical errors.

 Even though revision and editing are different they are both needed when doing a writing assignment.

After writing your essay and it is time to revise and edit, you should spend as much time as you need correct and make changes. I think you may need more time on revising after you have written your paper. But when it time to edit I think you should do it a few times and get someone else to read it to see if you missed anything else.

When writing an essay, does anyone think they have done enough revising and editing and still have grammatical errors?

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