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My top five strengths are:

1. Restorative

2. Futuristic

3. Analytical

4. Relator

5. Individualization

To be honest I am not surprised with my results, I agree with all of my strengths. My number one strength is so true! I am the best at figuring difficult situations out and resolving them. Being futuristic is my second strength which highlights the fact that I am inspired by the future I want to create and I share my ideas with others. Thinking about all the factors that might affect a situation makes me Analytical which ties in with my first strength. My last two strengths are interesting because they seem different but are very much in tune with each other soI prefer closer relationships with friends but I also like to link people who are very different together.

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. I feel like for a company to become an incredible company, managers must learn to leverage the incredible talents of their employees. Employers should assess their employees to narrow down on their strengths so they can build on them instead of only improving their weaknesses.

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