The Impact of Perception, communication assignment help

Your post should be at least 200–250 words in length. Please be sure to include terms and concepts with proper in-text citations and Reference from the text in your response.

There are five (5) parts to this question. Be sure to respond to all 5 parts using the chapter vocabulary and citing the text to support your ideas and opinions.

1. Discuss an example of a time when one of the six influences on perception (pages 72-76) caused you to misperceive someone or something in a work situation.

2. According to the guidelines in the text (pages 79-84) what could you have done differently?

3. Discuss a time when you were misperceived by someone else.

4. Explain why you believe you were misperceived.

5. According to the guidelines in the text (pages 79-84), what could you do to change that misperception?…

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