Vanda-Laye Corporation- Construction

Vanda-Laye Corporation- Construction.

Your consulting firm was just granted an exclusive contract for  Vanda-Laye Corporation. You now must decide your pricing policy. The  firm will encounter no fixed costs, and all revenue is after taxes. As  your firm has been granted an exclusive contract, your pricing and  output decisions will be those of a monopolist.


  • Analyze what a monopolist is and the effects it could have on the consulting firm.
  • Evaluate if any antitrust policies need to be put into place.  How will your pricing policy be justified?
  • Explain the implications of increasing the price you will charge  Vanda-Laye Corporation verses what it was previously charged.   

Submission Details:

  • Submit a 2-3 page Microsoft Word document, using APA style. 100% original, no plagiarism.

Vanda-Laye Corporation- Construction

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