Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?.

Assignment 7.2 – Final Paper Task: Who Inspires You?
For your final paper, select a historical or contemporary figure that you believe is an effective leader and analyze that person through all four frames as identified throughout the course. This week you must identify the person you want to analyze. You are required to read a biography of the person. This must be a book, this assignment cannot be completed with internet research only.

This short paragraph should include the following:

  • The name of the person you wish to analyze
  • The title of the biography/auto-biography you will read as the foundation to complete the assignment (in APA reference format)
    • Your selection must have been reviewed by a credible source. Examples of credible book review sources are: Choice, Kirkus, Booklist, Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, and the New York Times Book Review.
    • If you look your book up on amazon.com, you can generally find the book review right above the product information.
  • A brief explanation of why you chose the person and what you hope to learn.

Your paper should be sufficient in length to fully address the question(s) presented, written at the college level, adhere to APA guidelines, and include a reference list. Any sources used must be cited properly, including the online assessment, using in-text citations and a references page.

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Who Inspires You?

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