Write a job description

Write a job description. Occupational Information Network (O*NET)

Your task is to research your current job and write a job description to be used for purposes such as recruiting, training, and performance appraisal. If you are currently unemployed, use your previous job or a job you would like to have in the future. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network (O*NET) will be your primary source of information for completing this assignment.

Website Instructions

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O*NET may be found at online.onetcenter.org (no “www”). Click the Find occupations button. Use keyword searching to research the occupation of your choice (e.g., civil engineers). You can also use the pull-down menu to search through different industries for an occupation. Once you have found your occupation, click on the Details link to see specific occupational information such as task ratings, important skills and abilities, etc.

Choose marketing managers

I want to be a marketing manager in the future, and I have no job as an international student.

Questions & Deliverable:

What is the name of your employer (company)? In what industry do you work? What is the title of your current job? If you are unemployed, what is the name of the job you would like to have in the future? In what industry would you like to work?

What is the title of the most closely matching occupation in O*NET?

What are some of the most important “work requirements” (tasks and work activities) of your chosen occupation (i.e., top 3 or 4 tasks and work activities)?

What are the most important “people requirements” (knowledge, skills, and abilities) of your chosen occupation (i.e., top 3 or 4 of each)?

Using your answers above, as well as other occupational information supplied by O*NET, create a job description/specification for your chosen job (see job analysis article for an example).

Write a job description

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