CJUS 312 SUNY Morrisville Victimization Jasper Texas Movie Review

This assignment needs to be 5 pages doubled spaced. This paper should reflect your reaction to the movie Jasper Texas. Think like a Victimologist and take the Objective Approach. You should be able to apply the 4 step process Victimologist use while carrying out their research: (1) Identify/Describe the problem (2) Measure the problem (3) Investigate how the victims were treated (4) Gather evidence to test a hypotheses. The following questions are designed to assist you in writing your reaction paper. -What was the nature of the crime and who were the direct and indirect victims? -How do you think law enforcement officials reacted to this event? What did they do that may have helped or hindered this case? -Was there any outside political agendas? By whom and what was their motive? -How do you think the media portrayed this event? How did they treat and interact with the victims? -How did the community of Jasper deal with this tragic event that put them into the spot light for the world to watch? -Finally…because this was a land mark event, what Act did the US Congress pass in 2009 and what is the significance of this Act?

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